Instant ID checks to fight fraud and stay compliant

Berbix makes it easy to instantly verify photos IDs

Starting today, we’re sharing the power of Berbix with organizations of any size that need to answer the question: Are you who you say you are?

When choosing an identity verification provider, you’ve historically had to make a choice between slow manual human review (taking minutes to hours) or error-prone automated solutions that simply extract data from an identity document. Berbix moves beyond this tradeoff by validating IDs in 2 seconds or less using a multitude of signals and blocking the most common fraud vectors with reliable automated solutions, including our patent-pending fake ID detection.

Whether you’re processing 100 or 1,000,000 IDs, you can start checking IDs using Berbix in minutes for just $0.99/check. At small volumes, you can manually generate links that your users can use to complete an ID check. As you scale, use our simple SDKs to integrate ID checks directly into your platform.

Our platform lets you tailor the verification flow based on your risk tolerance and desired level of rigor, ranging from lightweight data extraction through face matching and liveness checks. If you’re enabling micro-mobility rentals or validating an ID at the point of delivery, you can maximize conversion through a lightweight one-step barcode scan. Or if you demand the highest level of rigor (e.g. you are responding to a CCPA or GDPR data subject request), you can make sure users are who they say they are through a selfie and liveness challenge.

Our patent-pending fake ID detection confidently detects when a state-issued driver license or identity card was not issued by a DMV. Our system identifies subtle signals and details presented in the front and back of an ID that can immediately detect a fake. For example, our partners that sell age-restricted goods or services are instantly detecting fake IDs being presented by underage users.

In a world where data breaches are all too common, we must lead by example as responsible stewards of personal data. We built Berbix from the ground up to put privacy and security over profits: we’re SOC2-certified, perform regular penetration testing, and watermark images on a per-access basis. Learn more about our security practices at

Our goal is to empower platforms to accurately identify their users while being responsible stewards of sensitive information. We believe that checking government-issued photo IDs is the best mechanism today to identify yourself online and that this technology should be instant, secure, and widely available.

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