Introducing Berbix’s New Brand

New Brand, Same Trusted IDV Solution



We have super exciting news to share today!  We let our customers, friends, and partners know that Berbix has a fresh new look. We’re eager to share these brand updates and explain why we made them. 

The new Berbix brand is totally reimagined, including a new logo, colors, and font. We believe our new brand better represents the gravity of our vision to make identity part of the infrastructure layer of the internet by providing an IDV solution that doesn’t require a compromise between maximizing growth and reducing fraud. 

What’s New 

You’ll see our new brand across all of our properties: on our website, social media channels, and the Berbix Dashboard. The way our users use Berbix will stay the same. End users will be able to complete our thoughtful document identity verification process the same way they always have. 


Besides a new look, we’ve also made big changes to the messaging on our website. These updates were a product of several conversations with customers who helped us understand what they value most about Berbix: the ability to stop losing good customers due to bad verification flows. 

A Story: The Berbix Logo 

As founders, it’s safe to say that we grew attached to our previous brand. We’ll always be proud of it. But, as we look to the future, we wanted a logo that reflected the product that supports tens of thousands of identity verification transactions per day. 

Copy of Berbix_Brand-Guidelines_v1_210810

The logo is composed of three component parts. The first is a “B” to represent and allude to Berbix, the company, and the brand that we’ve cultivated over the last several years. Next, we took simple oval hoops that represent the complex, intricate challenge that is document identity verification that we’ve made simple through our thoughtful verification process that guides users through every step along the way. Lastly, the dot represents the users that we serve, helping them verify instantly to get them back to the task that they set out to accomplish.

This was the end result: 


For those of you who have been part of building a new brand, you know that it takes several months, multiple iterations, and concerted dedication by a team of thoughtful individuals. Our experience was no different. 

We’d like to thank our entire team for their hard work and Miss Sz & Co., who helped us bring our vision to life. Most importantly, we’d like to thank our customers because without their input, loyalty, and trust, we wouldn’t be where we are today. 

Questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out.

Eric & Steve