Verify Returning Users Faster with Selfie Reverification

We get it: asking your users to upload their Photo ID a second time can be daunting. You don't want to lose good, returning users to a repetitive ID verification flow. With Berbix’s  Selfie Reverification, you don't have to.

If your user has already gone through Berbix's verify flow to upload a form of photo ID, you can re-verify them with a quick selfie-only verification.

When asked to re-verify, your users don't have to leave their device to grab their ID, which often leads to attrition. Berbix will immediately take them through a selfie capture process on their mobile device, or prompt them to use their webcam or upload selfies on the web. We'll compare these newly captured selfies to their photo IDs from previous transactions and get you the results in real-time. This new flow can also be configured for liveness checks and gives your users real-time feedback so they never have to restart the process.

Selfie Reverification is especially useful if:

  • You want to use selfie-based verification for users who might warrant an extra security check
  • You’re required to re-verify existing users periodically for legal or compliance reasons
  • You need to re-verify returning users based on events within your platform
  • You want to ensure your users are continually in control of their accounts on your platform.

Get Started

To get started, log in to your Berbix dashboard and navigate to Configuration > Templates in the sidebar. Create a new template and save. Once saved, just toggle the Reverification toggle on and you're ready to create your first Selfie Reverification transaction 🎉

You can create a re-verification transaction manually from the Berbix dashboard. Click on Create Transaction and select the re-verification template you just created:

You can also create re-verification transactions using one of our API libraries; all you need is the template key associated with the re-verification template you just created! 

The new re-verify transaction is linked to the original transaction by the Customer UID you provide. Keep in mind that selfie re-verification transactions can only be used for transactions that previously had a Customer UID associated with them and that are still within your account’s retention policy.

At Berbix, we're always asking ourselves how we can get good users to convert faster — this simplified flow will weed out even more bad actors and reduce friction for your good users.

Interested in getting Started with Berbix? Get started by talking to the Berbix team.

Already using Berbix? Head to the docs for more on Selfie Reverification or get started in the dashboard now.